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Our Story

Our son Jack was diagnosed with Autism when he was approximately two years old. He was diagnosed as moderate to severely Autistic. He is now a 21 year old who plays in the university orchestra, drives a car, performed at Carnegie Hall with his high school orchestra and with his sister arranged the music for “Training Faces.” We have used every bit of knowledge we learned with helping Jack into creating this app and hope to create many more. He is now considered to have high functioning Autism or Asperger’s. He still has many challenges in front of him, but he is an incredible young man!

What the App Does.
The app is designed to help people with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and other individuals with special needs with emotion recognition, a skill that often eludes people with disabilities. The app is geared to help in three distinct ways; improve recognition of the emotion, the meaning behind the emotion and then the speed at which the individual can interpret the emotion.

Why Give Back?
From the very beginning, a part of our business model was to donate a percentage of each download to Autism charities. We call this micro fundraising. By donating from each download, we could possibly make a huge contribution as we get downloads around the world. One thing you will find out about the Autism community is that we are all willing to help one another to offer support and understanding when no one else seems to get it. That fact gave me the idea early on to have a percentage of each download go to Autism Charities. Not only to find a cause and perhaps someday a workable cure, but to help families who struggle with providing the therapy and early intervention programs that can sometimes be a life saver.  Micro Fundraising at a dollar at a time can change a person with  ASD's life!

How the app came about?
I was at an Autism charity function talking with the grandfather of a boy with Autism. He said to me “Does this get any easier?” I said, “if my son was diagnosed today, the first thing I would do is buy him an i-pad.” This statement haunted me for a few nights, I would dream about apps and what could hold Jack’s attention and what might help him if he were younger. One morning, soon after, I woke up and told my husband, “I have it” and “Training Faces” was born. 

Why Training…Why Faces?
Our son and many other kids who we know with ASD love trains and so I thought let’s use that vehicle to get them into the game. Faces, well we know that he struggles with recognizing what a person’s expression says to him. If he and others afflicted with ASD, could get just a little better at this, their social skills could be greatly improved and thus their social life.

Pass It On
The most often heard comment I have heard over the past few months when I told people of my app was, “I have a friend, cousin, work associate, fill in the blank, with a child with Autism.” Please pass this website on or recommend “Training Faces” at the App Store. We are an army of one, but even an army of one can make a difference in the lives of individuals with ASD.

Basically the apps at this point are 100% financed by my husband and myself. Funding could help us develop the other apps we have planned more quickly and develop non Autism apps for charitable contributions to ASD. If you can help, or know of others who would want to contribute, e-mail us and we will get back to you.